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#10-1588 Boundary Crescent, Beaufort Centre Nanaimo BC V9S 5K8 (click address for map)


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About Us

Here is a little bit of back ground information about us and how we decided to open our store. This whole adventure started over a cup of coffee during our break at work. We started talking about how there are no scrub stores in Parksville and surrounding areas, the closest is Nanaimo. It all just made sense to us that it would be a great idea to open a store catering to the healthcare/dental and veterinary fields.

We are two women who both work in the healthcare field, Deanna Smith as an LPN and Tanja Belobrajdic as an RCA. We have both worked in the healthcare field for 5+ years each and know first hand how far scrubs have come since the traditional starched white dress and cap. We work in a longterm healthcare facility here in Parksville and also realized the need for a store like this. We wanted to have a store where the scrubs were STYLISH, comfortable, functional, bright and fun. We also noticed the positive influence wearing a stylish, bright scrub had on the residents at our lodge, it put smiles on their faces and seemed to lift their spirits. It also makes us as people feel good as well, "When you look good, you feel good!"

We want our customers to feel good about what they buy at "SCRUB STYLE", and want them to walk out with a smile and a positive experience.

We carry Cherokee, Dickies, Professional Choice and KOI . We also carry MENS & MATERNITY scrubs, stethoscopes, bloodpressure cuffs, lanyards, socks, pen lights, and lab coats.



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