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#10-1588 Boundary Crescent, Beaufort Centre Nanaimo BC V9S 5K8 (click address for map)


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Often Asked Questions


For every piece of clothing you purchase you get a stamp and price amount depending on the price of the item before tax. When the card is full (10 pieces/stamps) you receive the 11th FREE. The FREE item is based on 10% of all items purchased.

What if I find a top/pant in store that I love and you don't have it in my size or colour?

If you fall in love with that one top or pant and we don't have it in your size/colour we will check our other locations or order it for you with no obligation to buy if you change your mind after it arrives.

What if I find a top/pant in a catalog that I love and you don't have it in my size or colour?

Special order items are items/colors/patterns that you picked out of a catalog that we don’t stock in our stores.  Upon making your order you will put down 25% of the price of the item, please note this is not an additional fee, the 25% will come off your purchase price.  If you wish to return the item or cancel the order after it has been ordered through our USA suppliers the 25% is not refundable.  The 25% restocking fee will be used to recoup the shipping and brokerage charges of your item.

How long will it take to come in?

We will do our best to get it in as quickly as possible. Usually in 2 to 4 weeks depending on when our next order goes in.

If I want it sooner how long will that take?

We can order it the same day and it will take 5-10 business days, plus shipping fees on these orders. Shipping fees are generally by weight so it may vary.

Do you carry shoes in store?

No, not at the present time, but we can special order them for you.

What are your prices on scrubs?

They vary between $22.00 up to $42.00